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Our Team

Meet the Render Team.

We believe in operating from a place of people first, fitness second. You won't hear a ton of trendy fitness jargon. Some tongue-in-cheek on occasion? Some motivational gusto? Sure. We like to have fun. We're deliberate and thoughtful, without being stiff. 

Our guard is down more often than not, and we're ready to help you let yours down, too. 

In every class, we'll greet you with a smile - and you'll hear a smile when we speak. We're not here to put on airs. We're growing as we go, too.

what render clients have to say


"Render is a place that makes people feel truly welcomed, loved, and celebrated! I've never felt pressured, only encouraged. This is truly a place that makes me want to do better, and the community I have found here has been life giving!"

- Kaitlynn Bloomfield


Lori Beth Sink

"My favorite studio in Oklahoma! 
Unbelievably kind and encouraging. A hard and empowering workout that actually feels good. Group fitness structure - but no barre or mirrors."

Mary Kathryn Austin

"This is my favorite workout! From the community of people, to the playlists, to the whole body workout, I LOVE it all and highly recommend to all!"

Cate Brantley

"It's a great workout that leaves you feeling loose, recharged, and accomplished. The classes are hard but not punishing. Try this once and you'll never go back to your old fitness routine, I promise."

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