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okc's urban fitness studio located in midtown


We've made it our mission to help people experience the power of movement and embrace their strength in a welcoming, collective environment. We provide a space for people to render away what they’ve been told fitness should look or feel like – and redefine that for themselves.

we are changing the look and feel of fitness


we've stripped away the distractions

Even the mirrors.
We want you to feel the joy and freedom of movement. And get you back to trusting yourself. Or, maybe to trust yourself for the first time.


Render is not a franchise. We are a locally owned and founded studio and the workout is unique. Render was created with you in mind.

we've let our guards down 

Our certified and body-inclusive instructors show up as fully human so you can too. Guards down, growth up.

we are locally and female owned 

Our Team

amber andrews



Lover of a sick beat colliding with a life calling. 

Amber is Render’s founder and a long-time fitness instructor. Amber finds herself most at home when movement is involved. But that wasn’t always the case. She didn’t grow up as an athlete, or super knowledgeable about working out. And it took her a while to appreciate her body (like, hi, so many of us) and all of its capabilities. Stepping foot into her first group fitness class in her 20s changed that.

She received her first group fitness certification in 2013 and instantly fell in love with leading others to discover strength and freedom within their own bodies. That’s how Render came to be – the bits and pieces of everything she’s learned along the way – with deep dedication to leading and helping others to discover strength and freedom within their bodies. 

So, what are her classes like? Fiercely grounded. A masterclass in connection. All-levels doable (while sneakily hard). A musical snack – playlists with bangers only, guaranteed. 

paige fischer



Paige is a dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, and now, a Render fitness instructor! With a background in dance, Paige is a natural teacher in the studio and brings her unique, special sauce to class with fun playlists, feel good flows, and juicy stretches.

Currently, Paige is the Community Director at Sweet Yield Studio, a dance studio in downtown OKC. At Sweet Yield she teaches dance and creative movement classes for both children and adults. She is also beginning to explore freelance opportunities such as producing and choreographing independent dance concerts, working closely with musicians and videographers to choreograph music videos, and collaborating on creative projects with fellow artists and dancers in our community.

Paige is married to her best friend, Pryce and they enjoy a fun and adventurous life together with their dog, Franny. They are co-owners of Prelude Coffee Roasters, a roastery and coffee shop located in downtown OKC and love being a part of the small business community in Oklahoma. When Paige isn’t teaching classes, she is catching up on her favorite tv shows, listening to music and going to concerts, spending time with friends out and about in the city, or traveling! 

Paige is excited to begin her journey as a fitness instructor at Render. Take her class to experience a friendly push, a sneaky burn, and a cool down that leaves you feeling calm and connected for the rest of your day.


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